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friend took me to Sac Anime this year to help cheer me up after loosing my ex. had lots of fun. dont know who is reading this as i really dont post anything much these days.
Sac Anime:
got there on friday. scoped the dealer room and ended up walking out with a nice 'Minute Man' flag from fallout 4. took some photos and hit me the magic tables. ended the night with 'dickies bbq'.
saturday caught the mass effect reunion with Alli Hillis (Liara) and Courtney Taylor (Jack). got some good stories and learned Taylor got in to boxing. she teased Hillis with the asari 'by the goddess' line. hit scoped the merch room again and got me a nice hand made leather pouch with a celtic horse design wanted a celtic knot but the style of how it was made i liked better on the horse. took some more photos and hit the magic room again ended up competing in a tournament. lost to the first opponent. the second was a kid who goofed around with and he ended up loving my decks but hated going against them. his deck didnt stand a chance against anything i threw at him. toyed with him for 15 minutes bringing him down to 4 points left. i asked 'so what you at? 1-0 so far in the tournament?' he replied '0-1' i replied 'well i cast bloodghast' and he groans that he just cant get a break. i laugh. then i look him in the eye and said 'and with that i forfit' and looks at me CONFUSED as hell. i look at him and said 'i have to head home now remember?' he looked like a deer looking at on coming car lights. he asks 'then why continue to play?' i grin and say 'and miss the opportunity to fuck with you like this making you squirm for 15 minutes and get that look on your face?' the other guy hears this and says 'oh dude thats cold... fucking funny but cold' and i reply 'i know huh... good luck man'.
sunday arrived at the con heading to the magic room. found my last opponent from the other day. he managed to get 2 wins 1 loss before it ended. talked with a few people. played 1 game. and rushed down over to the autograph line. ended up getting my copy of Mass Effect 2 signed by Courtney Taylor who just loved my shirt 'Nerd? I prefer intellectual badass' and told her i had a better one that had a 20 sided dice and had 'AC/HP for those about to roll we salute you'. she laughed. as other fan ahead of me before i got to her asked game questions i ended up throwing her a curve ball of 'the other day you stated you got in to boxing. im curious... in fighter or out fighter?' she looked confused 'inny or outie what?' reply 'no. you where a in fighter like mike tyson or a out fighter like ali?' she was surprised i asked that question and i knew that terminology. found out she was a out fighter who trained with a woman who was a in fighter. thanked her and walked off. headed off to Alli Hillis. when she saw me she recognized me from Taylors line and said 'ok lets see this shirt i heard about with courtney...' showed her and she laughed saying 'nice'. got ME 2 signed and got to talk with her for 5 minutes as no one else was in line which was nice. headed off. took some more photos and once again headed for the magic room to compete in the last tournament. ended up taking 3rd place getting 3 boosters. great day over all. after the tournament headed home and now... recovery...
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Inquisitor's Pain
Inquisitor Calden was in the middle of an 'important quest' between his lovers legs making her moan his name when a knock came to the door. Being told to keep herself going while he attended the messenger he returns devastated. As he received a message of the list of casualties from one of his orders... many brave souls had died in the line of sealing the breaches... now his lover Taris tries to comfort her beloved by shifting back to her elven form...

Everyone always has the Inquisitor happy and cheerful and never remember the weight on the Inquisitors shoulders. I love this piece so much.

Calden (c) :iconlastdracon:
Taris (c) my beloved :heart: :icondark-magician-nikoru: :heart:
Art (c) need a potion.
Facts on Goku v Superman
now i grew up on both these titans... but im setting aside fanboy here and using logic and facts. using what knowledge i have i have compiled a category system akin to Deadlist Warrior on this fight. but honestly it really comes down to the 2 categories at the end... plus keeping the fighters true to their character as well. remember this would be a 1v1 fight... no gojeta no vegeto...  this is the ultimate can of worms here... the taboo subject to talk about... lol yeah i know i shouldnt have said it but im hoping readers will be respectful and set aside fanboy and think it over.
To Catch A Hawke....
this is MY version of Hawke from Dragon Age: 2.

Gerhan is a half breed of dalish elf and man. his humanity stems from both tivinter and orlais. he was told that his ancestor was a great and noble Chevalier and followed that the rest of his life. he lived the life of a true knight even as he became a templar. Gerhan befriended Carver and eventually became a brothers in arms and saw each other as brothers. while on mission with the real hawke, carver, and a female elven blood mage Aileene. he was saved by transfusing blood from Carver in to him making them blood brothers. eventually Gerhan would fall for that same blood mage and unfortunatly steal her from the man who would be Inquisitor, Calden. It was Gerhan who challenged the Arishok to single combat when Hawke left and bested him. he was crowned champion of kirkwall and had to lie being Hawke.

Aileene would fall for this templar finding out that he was the same one who saved her from being raped by many years ago by other templars when he thought it was wrong and dishonorable for knights to behave that way. he was nearly killed as he was scarred across his eye leaving her wondering who her mysterious hero was until she found out.

Gerhan/'Hawke' (c) :iconlastdracon:
Aileene (c) :heart: :icondark-magician-nikoru: :heart: my awesome girlfriend
Art (c) needapotion  



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